Ambit Energy Scam: The Truth You Need To Know

Is Ambit Energy a scam?

Discovering the truth about whether or not Ambit Energy is a scam is probably one of the most important topics on your mind.

It should be.

You are looking to invest time, money, and possibly the very future of you and your loved ones into this business opportunity. So one of your most important jobs as an entrepreneur is to find out the truth about Ambit Energy.

But there is a problem.

The reality of today’s “wired” society is that everyone gets equal weight when it comes to posting their opinions about any topic – including whether or not Ambit Energy is a scam.

So in order to objectively determine whether or not Ambit Energy is a scam, we must set aside emotions and focus on the facts of Ambit Energy.

The first step is to look at what product or service Ambit Energy offers. If Ambit Energy is a scam, we should find several red flags right off the bat.

As their name suggests, Ambit Energy offers energy services to consumers and small businesses. This includes electricity and natural gas.

More and more states are allowing their citizens to decide who provides their energy services. Ambit Energy is now one of those providers in a growing number of states.

After a bit of research, it appears that Ambit Energy provides energy services to nearly 1 million customers. They partner with local energy manufacturers (the power plants) to deliver the energy to the consumer.

This is nothing new, as other companies have been filling this role for decades.

But Ambit Energy is different because they pay consultants (entrepreneurs like you) for gathering new customers, rather than hiring a corporate sales force.

As you may already know, this business model is referred to as network marketing. It is one of the most popular and profitable business models for new entrepreneurs.

So Ambit Energy is a network marketing business opportunity, which does not mean it is a scam.

But we need to examine another factor before making a final decision.

In addition to paying their consultants for gathering customers, Ambit Energy also pays consultants for recruiting others into the business.

This is where we really need to look closely to see if Ambit Energy is a scam.

The difference between a legitimate network marketing business opportunity and a pyramid scam is how the company compensates you for recruiting others into the business.

If Ambit Energy pays their consultants for simply recruiting a new person into the business, it is a scam.

By looking at Ambit Energy’s compensation plan, we see that they do not. They pay their consultants a leadership bonus, not a recruiting bonus.

This means that you do not get paid for simply recruiting others into Ambit Energy. You get paid when you recruit someone into the business and then help them gather a minimum number of new customers.

This is no different than a manger who gets paid when their sales personnel reach specific sales goals.

So with that in mind, let’s review what we’ve uncovered so far about whether or not Ambit Energy is a scam:

1. Ambit Energy offers a legitimate, sustainable product or service: electricity and natural gas. This is the first factor in determining that Ambit Energy is not a scam.

2. Ambit Energy does not pay consultants for simply recruiting others into the business. You must help your new business partner gather their own new customers before you are eligible to receive a bonus. This is the second and most important factor in determining that Ambit Energy is not a scam.

So now that you can confidently conclude that Ambit Energy is not a scam, you need to examine how you would successfully build a profitable Ambit Energy business.

You need to have a sustainable plan for gathering customers and recruiting new business partners. You then need to have a plan for helping your new business partners gather their own new customers so you can earn the leadership bonuses that Ambit Energy offers.

For a step-by-step guide on developing this plan and maximizing your income from the Ambit Energy business opportunity, go here now to access my free training series.

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